1. About Canada

Population: 36 million

Land Mass: 10 million square miles | 41 times the size of the UK

Canada has been consistently awarded the title of "The Best Country in the World to Live" by the United Nations Human Development Index. Canada ranks among the wealthiest countries in the world and has built upon its long history providing a safe environment in a stable economy. A mixture of the North American way of life, tempered by the French influence of Quebec has resulted in an interesting balance that many find attractive and easy to adjust to. The geography of Canada provides a wide mix of climate, temperate in Toronto and South Ontario as well as the coastal regions, with some extremes of the central plains. The Rockies provide dramatic scenery and Niagara Falls is something that has to be seen to be appreciated. Canada is potentially self-sufficient using its own natural resources. A low crime rate, a strong welfare system, a high standard of medical care and excellent education system attracts migrants from around the world.

2. Meet you at the Airport

​We look forward to making your arrival a most enjoyable experience by providing a care-free arrival and departure.

Transportation Service Only

If you select transportation services only, our staff will order and confirm your specified VIP transportation. Included are the following services:

  •  Day prior and day of airport or hotel confirmation of your vehicle
  • Early or Delayed Flight Tracking
  • Manifest Coordination
  • Departure Notice

3. Property Management

With our rental property management service, you save valuable time and energy. You won't have to deal with rent collection and the cumbersome maintenance of property. Our service includes dealing with tenants, running credit checks, rent collection, and being on call every time something goes wrong with the rental. 

We will also perform property inspections, employ a landscaping and snow shoveling company when required, screen tenants, collect rent, and even provide you with financial statements for your accounting purposes. Commercial property management is slightly different from residential management and requires more effort in terms of building maintenance and upkeep. For residential property management, our company charges a 10% fee.


We will find a suitable tenant for your property and take up references and credit checks.


We will prepare a legal agreement under current legislation. In general, this will be for a period of not less than one year and then renewable on a month to month basis. This gives you the flexibility to re-occupy the house after giving the tenant two month's notice to quit. Similarly the tenant may terminate after the initial period by giving at least one month's notice.

Rates and Services

The payment of water rates, gas, electricity and telephone bills are generally the responsibility of the tenants while the landlord is responsible for paying property tax and maintenance fees in the case on condominiums.


You are responsible for all repairs to the property with the exception of window glass or other breakages caused by the tenants. Small repairs can be carried out by our contractors, or ones nominated by you, and their charges deducted from your account. We will always ask for instructions before commencing any large scale repairs.


From the total rent received in a tax year you can normally deduct, for tax purposes, the following:

  • Our fees.
  • Fair wear and tear & repair costs.
  • Some depreciation for furnished or part furnished items.
  • Interest paid to Mortgage Company.
  • Insurance premiums.
  • You then pay tax on the remainder of the rent.

If you would like a more comprehensive tax service we can arrange this for you.


We provide information and help on rent and legal protection insurance, house building insurance and home contents insurance, all of which are important considerations when letting your home.


Our fees for managing the property are some of the most competitive to be found. For these fees we will: 

  • Find you a suitable tenant
  • Take up references and credit check
  • Draw up a tenancy agreement
  • Take a Statement of Condition (or inventory)
  • Collect the rent and account to you monthly
  • Make regular inspections of the property and advise you all is in order
  • Advise on any repairs that are necessary
  • Provide information and help on insurance and tax matters.

We also provide a tenant finding only service where full management is not required. Full details of fees and services are provided in our Terms of Business.

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